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Authentic Native American Handmade Necklaces & Bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets are among some of the most popular types of jewelry Native American artists create to showcase their craftsmanship, cultural traditions and unique style. You can find the piece that fits your personal style or makes the perfect gift from Southwest Creations in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

An Overview of Our Necklace & Bracelet Selection

Southwest Creations has a selection of necklaces and bracelets that features famed Native American designs, such as:

Even all-sterling silver necklaces and bracelets showcase patterns that reflect the cultural heritage of the artist.

Within our selection of necklaces and bracelets, you will see an array of colors from genuine gemstones, including:

Our selection includes pieces designed specifically for women and men as well as universal pieces suitable for any wearer.

Finding the Right Size Necklace or Bracelet

To find the right size necklace or bracelet, there is no substitute for trying on the piece yourself. And you can do that by:


If you are unable to browse our selection in person, you may still find the right size when browsing our selection online by following these guidelines:

Necklace Sizing
Bracelet Sizing
Where necklace falls   Wearer Size Average Bracelet Length
Close-fitting around the neck/throat, choker-style  
Petite adult
6-6½ “
Collarbone area
For men: around base of the neck/throat
Average adult
Slightly below the collarbone
For men: collarbone
Large adult
Heart center  
For the best fit, measure your wrist using a flexible measuring tape or piece of paper. Add length as appropriate to ensure the bracelet fits according to your preference.
Near navel (draping, “opera long” style)  


Contact us to purchase any piece. We can ship your necklace or bracelet anywhere in the world.

In the event that your necklace or bracelet does not fit to your satisfaction, we offer a return/exchange window. (Please contact us for details.) We also offer repair service for necklaces or bracelets with loose or missing stones, broken clasps, etc.

Active duty and veteran military get a 10% discount on any of our products.

Find the perfect necklace or bracelet for you at Southwest Creations. Visit, call or email us to purchase your selection.