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Authentic Native American Handmade Bolo Ties

Since 2007, the bolo tie has been the official state tie in New Mexico. Locals and visitors alike can find a selection of bolo ties that also showcase the cultural heritage of the state from Southwest Creations.

About Our Bolo Tie Selection

Southwest Creations has relationships with silversmiths and jewelry artists from many Pueblos and Tribes throughout New Mexico. Our bolo tie selection features characteristic designs, patterns and styles of Southwestern Native American peoples, including:

A number of bolo ties also feature focal stones like turquoise and coral.

In addition to the neck piece of the bolo tie, some ties feature handcrafted silverwork tips to adorn the ends of the leather cord as well.

We offer a selection of lengths and colors of leather cords for a complete tie.

Finding the Right Size Bolo Tie

There are two parts to every bolo tie:

  1. The neckpiece
  2. The cord

Both pieces need to fit the wearer for the right look. Typically, the wider the neck circumference, the larger the neckpiece so as to achieve attractive proportions. The tips of the cord should fall about 1” above the navel.

Where You Can Purchase Your Southwest Creations

You can make sure you find the right size neck piece and cord length by trying on any bolo tie in our selection, and you can do that when:

You can also purchase any bolo tie in our online selection by contacting us. We offer a return/exchange window in the event that your bolo tie does not fit as expected.

Southwest Creations can ship our products anywhere in the world. And, military members and veterans receive at 10% discount on any item.

Find the perfect bolo tie for you at Southwest Creations. Visit, call or email us to purchase your selection.